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  Ruby, Cheng Wai Sin 鄭偉倩 is a Hong Kong-native conceptual ceramic artist who currently resides in Norwich, United Kingdom. Stems from her Cantonese nickname of Ruby (露比 lou6 bei2), the name LOWBAE is her connection between her trilingual roots and professional practice.

During her studies at the HKICC School of Creativity, she discovered her passion for the tactility, resilience and sustainability of clay. With the support of the American Women’s Association of Hong Kong: Pam Kavanagh Scholarship, she relocated to the UK to study BA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London in 2018. She then graduated with first honours and the ArtSU Course Rep of the Year Award in 2022.

As a storyteller specialising in responsive and participatory practice, Ruby's works focus on caretaking and preserving narratives of others and in her surroundings with the permanent medium of ceramics, in hopes of provoking reflective conversations and emotional connections amongst people and communities. She is also a Ceramic course facilitator and studio technician with working experience in The Kiln Rooms, Norfolk County Council Adult Learning, Studio Do, Inspiration Trust and more.

Besides ceramics, Ruby is a designer and filmmaker. Her experimental horror short 'Tea'《茶》 was nominated for the youth category 22nd Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (IFVA) in 2017. She also produced the short film 'Timeless Aftertaste' during the pandemic 2020, paying tribute to unforgettable elements of the film 'the Seventh Seal' with unfired clay sculptures. 

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