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First thing I remember...

  Do you remember how it feels like to hug or touch your loved ones after not seeing them for a long time? How can we preserve these intangible memories before we forget or lose them? Reflecting on the emerging conversations around collective brain fogs and memory loss caused by the pandemic, "First thing I remember..." is part of an ongoing series which explores the preservation of the fragility, preciousness, and continuity of memory with clay.
 What is the first thing you remember? The 36 ceramic sheets preserve eight earliest memories shared by the Central Saint Martins people, each sheet represents a sentence of their stories. As we attempted to recall the distant memory sentence by sentence, the visual of it progressively becomes more and more blurred and distorted.

 Medium: stoneware glazes in vitrified parian     Size: 55 x 60cm      Date: 3-4/2022

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