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Keeping in Touch

  Inspired by the discussion around losing emotional roots after immigration in ‘The Farewell’ (Comedy/Drama film, directed by Lulu Wang, 2019, 1’40”), Ruby realised that she is slowly losing tactile memories connected to her long-distance loved ones since she moved to the UK in 2018. How does it feel like to hug or touch our loved ones? How can we preserve intangible memories before we forget or lose them?

  As a ceramic storyteller interested in participatory practice, her current project ‘Keeping in Touch’ explores the preservation of the fragility, preciousness, and continuity of memory with clay, which includes experimentations of creating interactive and tangible memory triggers with hybrids of clay bodies and glazes.

 Medium: stoneware glazes, vitrified parian and black stoneware       Size: variable     Date: 9/2021-present

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