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Before I forget

Is there a memory you never wish to forget? Reflecting on the emerging conversations around collective brain fog and memory loss caused by the pandemic, how can we preserve our precious, fragile yet intangible memories before we forget or lose them? "Before I forget" celebrates the act of remembering by encasing colourful visualisations of 40 people’s cherished memories within thin vitrified Parian tiles; as we recall the memory sentence by sentence, its visual becomes progressively more blurred and distorted. Creating a comforting and immersive space with the collective memory tile blanket, the installation encourages the audience to reflect on their own memories and hold dear the one that matters.

 Medium: stoneware glazes in vitrified Parian, wooden frame, fishing wire, jewellery wire     Size:  300 x 150 cm      Date: 4-6/2022

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