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Timeless Aftertaste

"I'll remember this moment." 

Timeless Aftertaste is a short film re-narrating and preserving memorable elements of the B&W film The Seventh Seal (1957, Ingmar Bergman) using four unfired stoneware sculptural bowls. In the midst of the protagonist Antonius' existential crisis, he felt content while sharing fresh strawberries and milk served in a wooden serving bowl with an entertainer couple. The serving bowl form is then reinterpreted in clay with sculptural elements to document the four timeless aftertastes gathered from the film: frame, emotion, texture and line. Merging visuals of the bowls with the original film's audio, the film encourages the audience to empathise with the characters' experiences from different perspectives. 

 Medium: unfired white stoneware, film       Size/length: variable, 7'01"      Date: 3-6/2020 

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