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Oh Gosh, Oh Dear

This is a collaboration between Kaitlyn Barnes and Ruby (Wai Sin Cheng) for the As Art Co Exhibition in April 2023. Kaitlyn and Ruby are professional ceramicists who met during their studies in BA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins. Both of their main practices explore various ways of storytelling through the emotive nature of clay. To celebrate the differences and harmonies between their main practices, this collaborative piece joyfully breaks the boundaries of their styles and works. Inspired by traditional forms of pottery like vases, ‘Oh gosh, oh dear’ playfully explores the marriages of different ceramic materials, making techniques, and ways of expression on various hand-built clay canvases.

 Medium: two stoneware ceramic wall tile painting and one coiled ceramic pot, underglaze, oxide and glazes     Size:  variable      Date: 2-4/2023

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